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Topnotch coaches  and World class trainers only at NorCal House of Chess!

1. Coach Ted Castro – Our famous and popular coach who trained many superstar kids from Northern California. Former Women World Champion Susan Polgar calls him the “superstar coach” since he coaches a lot of kids who become superstars. He has at least 40 kids who are in the top 100 nationwide list,  60+ State Champions, 40 National Champions, 20 Medalists (Gold/Silver/Bronze) in various International competitions – North American Youth Chess Championships, Pan American Championship and World Youth Chess Championship. This year, he has 14 kids who qualified at the World Youth in Abu Dhabi. Coach Teddy Bear, as fondly called by his students, usually has a wait-list but has few slots available this Winter. Available in person at NorCal Center and online in ICC.

Among his students: FM Tanuj Vasudeva (coached him to win 5 State Championships titles, National Title, Gold Medalist in Pan American, Silver medalist in World Youth, and eventually the youngest FM in the world (at age 8) at that time; IM Vignesh Panchanatham (coached him for several years – couple of State Championship titles and national championship titles, Gold Medalist in Pan American in Mexico); WIM Ashritha Eswaran (2-time Girls National Champion, Gold Medalist in Pan Am, US Junior Girls’ Champion, played twice at the US Women’s Championship, and many more accomplishments), FM Rayan Taghizadeh (State & National Champion), and many other chess champions. Most of them started with Coach Ted when they were at early age.


5-year old Girls State Champion!

5-year old Girls State Champion! 2-time Girls National Champion (u8), National junior Congress champion (u8), Bronze medalist NAYCC (2013); youngest WCM in the world (when she was 7!)



2. Grandmaster Vadim Milov – #1 ranked chess player from Switzerland. He used to be ranked #22 in the World! His current FIDE rating is 2643 while his USCF rating is 2715! Available online and live sessions (seasonal) at NorCal Center.


3. Grandmaster Varuzhan Akobian – For years, he has been the highest rated chess player in CA. An active player who represented USA in many Olympiad events and World Team Championships. He was also a coach for the US Team in several events. His current FIDE rating is 2653 while his USCF is 2744! Available online and live sessions (seasonal) at NorCal Center.

akobianGM Varuzhan Akobian with Coach Ted Castro

4. Grandmaster Dejan Bojkov – FIDE Senior Trainer and former coach of Women World Champion Stefanova. He also coaches most of our top kids in Northern California. Bulgarian GM who authored several books & dvds. His current FIDE rating is 2497 while his USCF is 2597! Available online and live sessions during the summer.



5. International Master Ricardo De Guzman – FIDE 2397, USCF 2478. The most active master in Northern California, practically plays every weekend in various tournaments and wins most of it. One of the strongest over-the-board players who also coached several topnotch kids, including Silver-Medalist & many times National Champion Cameron Wheeler. He’s currently training several kids who are going to World Youth. Available online (via Skype & ICC) and in person at NorCal Center.


6. International Master Angelo Young  FIDE 2316 – One of the most active players in Chicago and is an Illinois State Champion 7 times. Based in Chicago but is available online and in person (seasonal) at NorCal Center.


7. International Master-elect/FIDE Master Ronald Cusi FIDE 2362 – A very strong player that was trained under the Russian school of chess. He currently teaches several top kids at NHC. He teaches intermediate and advance kids (rating: 500-2000). He’s available for coaching in San Ramon/Hercules/Pleasanton (Contra Costa area) and at NorCal Center.


8. Woman International Master Sabrina Chevannes  FIDE 2228 – a famous coach from London who trained several topnotch kids in UK. She represented England at the Olympiad and coached several top players who won various International competitions. Her first book just came out. She’s available online and occasional live sessions at NorCal Center.




9. WFM Alexandra Botez –  an incoming Junior in Stanford who’s a member of the Canadian Women’s Team for the Olympiad.  USCF 2071; FIDE 2089. She teaches at the camps and our group classes. She’s available to teach online via ICC/Skype. 



11. Grandmaster Mark Paragua – FIDE 2510
12. Grandmaster Oliver Barbosa – FIDE 2592
13. International Master Omar Cartagena – USATW Champion. He’s available to coach in-person at the Fremont location.

Please email us at  to inquire about rates and availability. Rates vary from $ 60.00- $ 100.00 per hour depending on the coach. You can also call us at 415-756-1204. 

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