Chess Camp for Chess Champs!


Best Chess Camp at the Best Chess Club voted by the US Chess Federation!!!
June 19 – August 25, 2017

NOW 10 weeks of summer camp!!!

 (Due to popular demand, we’ve extended our summer camp to another week!)

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NorCal House of Chess has the tradition of breeding State, National and International Champions! A lot of our kids belong in the top 100 nationwide among their age-group, some of which even represented USA in the World Youth Chess Championships. In fact, we had several world-youth qualifiers who attended our chess camp in preparation for World Youth Chess Championships in Slovenia in 2014 and also in Porto Carras, Greece in 2015. Last year, we also had few kids who played at the World Youth Chess Championship.

Our excellent chess program is the best around- In terms of curriculum, teacher-student ratio; quality of coaches and spectacular results of our students! This summer, we continue to have world-class trainers who will train our kids. Our coaching staff this year is headed by Grandmaster Dejan Bojkov (Senior trainer and former coach of Women World Champion Stefanova)! He will be teaching for 3 weeks. He’s been teaching with us for many years now. We will also have Grandmaster Timur Gareyev. He presently holds the Guinness World Record for the most of the number of opponents in a blindfold simul. He will be teaching the kids on how to visualize positions. We also have Grandmaster Ino Sadorra. He’s currently the highest rated player from the Philippines. He just graduated from UTD in Texas and last year drew with World Champion Carlsen at the Chess Olympiad. He also qualified for the World Cup that will be held in September in Tbilisi, Georgia. In-house coaches International Master Omar Cartagena and International Master-elect Ronald Cusi will also teach this summer. The coach of may superstar kids, Ted Castro will be the head coach. We also have Seth Castro, Bashir Nurafkan, Andrew Kobak, Anirudh Seela, Kevin Moy and CM Pranav Senthilkumar who help us with our beginners together with Coach Ted.

Over the years, we have shown outstanding results as seen through our students. This year, we had one kid who attended our chess camp for more than 2 months and she gained 500 rating points (from 900 to 1400)!!! Couple of years ago, several world-youth qualifiers attended our chess camps in order to prepare for their tournament. Couple of years ago, we also had 12 kids who went to Canada for the North American Youth Championships. They all trained at NorCal during the summer camps. Last year, we had similar results among our participants. Our successful program has produced great results in various ways! Hence, the kids learn a lot and have tons of fun and also become champions!


June 19-23 (Week 1): GM Dejan Bojkov, IM Omar Cartagena & Ted Castro
June 26-30 (Week 2):  GM Dejan Bojkov, FM Cusi & Ted Castro
July 5-7 (Week 3): GM Dejan Bojkov, FM Cusi & Ted Castro
July 10-15 (Week 4): GM Timur Gareyev, FM Cusi & Ted Castro
July 17-21 (Week 5): IM Omar Cartagena, FM Cusi, & Ted Castro
July 24-28 (Week 6): IM Angelo Young, FM Ronald Cusi & Ted Castro
July 31-Aug. 4 (Week 7): IM Omar Cartagena, FM Ronald Cusi & Ted Castro
Aug. 7 – 11 (Week 8): GM Ino Sadorra, IM Omar Cartagena & Ted Castro
Aug. 14-18 (Week 9): IM Omar Cartagena, FM Cusi & Ted Castro
Aug. 21-25 (Week 10): IM Omar Cartagena, FM Cusi & Ted Castro



Whole Day: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Half Day (am): 8:30 AM – 12 PM
Half Day (pm): 1:15 PM – 4:30 PM

          Extra Services
               – Afternoon Care 4:45-6pm ($8/ DAY)
               – Lunch ($6 / DAY)

          Discounts (for summer camp)
                – Multiple Week
Whole Days – $20 off the 2nd week & extra $10 off each week thereafter
Half Days – $10 off the 2nd week & extra $5 off each week thereafter
               – Sibling ($25 off the 2nd, 3rd, etc child)


Beginners (unrated – 300)

1 Week $250 $135
Daily Drop-In $60 $35

Intermediate Advanced (300 – 700)

1 Week $310 $170
Daily Drop-In $70 $45

Advanced/ Masters Class (700 +)

1 Week $390 $210
Daily Drop-In $85 $55

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